Little Red Hen

I gave my students in Milatovac (a village where I also work) a homework. The homework was to prepare a role-play using the story Little Red Hen. They were also asked to prepare the  paper dolls. However, when I entered their classroom today I was surprised and amazed! Not only did they prepare the paper dolls, but they also made a stage! They used the classroom furniture, their bags and books, brought some leaves, the grass and grains and even a blanket. I did know they were a creative class, but this was way out of my expectations! BRAVO Milica, Tijana, Andjela, Nikola, Ivan, Aleksandar and Petar! (Yes, there are only seven of them, 5 third-graders and 2 second-graders).


One thought on “Little Red Hen

  1. It’s just amazing what a little bit of will and imagination can do when it comes to creating! Well done, kids!

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