Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree, by 7th grade

We wish to thank Grammarman Hero for inspiration for this doodle video. If you can’t open the video, click here to watch it on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree, by 7th grade

  1. Marija, wonderful video! I remember G. Hero’s post, and it’s just great that you really used the idea! So often I run into fantastic resources, but in the end I don’t use them, I hate that:(((
    What did the kids say?

  2. Thank you Anica,
    They are thrilled and they loved the idea. Even those who were not into drawing that much produced some of the best drawings (e.g. loneliness). I didn’t use many resources that I had found due to lack of time mostly, but I guess in the end I did use the most interesting ones.
    Now it’s your turn to become a director, when you go back to your students 🙂


  3. Thank you very much!!!

    We have just seen your blog and it’s really great!!! We’ll add some comments soon.

    Thank you for visiting us and for sharing new and great ideas with us.

    Primary school Sveti Sava from Badnjevac, Serbia

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